Bicycle Blender

The bicycle blender offers a great way of making healthy eating fun! Pop your choice of fruit and juices in the blender jug and pedal until smooth. With our first pedal blender being built in 2005, we have gone from strength to strength and created the Pedal Cafe – a pop-up Cafe that attends events, fairs, and festivals. We have our very own purpose built bicycle trailer that turns in to a food preparation area, and hire includes all equipment and re-usable cups to make your event stress-free and run as smoothly as our smoothies!

Cycle Cinema

A great interactive cinema experience entirely powered by pedals! Our Pedal powered cinema set up consists of four bicycles linked in to a mini power station that processes the energy and turns it in to clean green plug socket power for our projector, sound system and blueray DVD player. Our 2.5 meter x 1.5 meter screen is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provides a great image for a high quality cinematic experience.


Pedal powered Paint Spinning

Get creative and turn your self in to a pedal powered Picasso with our unique Whirly Wheels bicycle! Created out of an up-cycled coffee table, camping chair and Bass drum, this invention is definitely one of a kind. As you pedal the turntable spins in the centre and you can add paint to create a beautifully hypnotic design to take home with you. Great for all events and a real favourite amongst both children and the big kids at heart!


Bicycle Bingo

Get your ´legs eleven´working to power the one and only Bicycle Bingo! With everything from the tacky gold dresses to all of the Bingo Lingo, this is one experience you won´t want to miss! Our bingo experience will consist of a full game of bingo with the machine and the bingo callers microphone both being pedal powered. We also include our own eco-bingo lingo – which rhymes with reason.



Bicycle Bubbles

What better way to add some magic to your event than with a flurry of bubbles! The pedal powered bubble machine is a simple invention – the more you pedal the more bubbles you get. A great hit with children and adults alike, and also a great alternative to confetti at weddings! Bicycle bubbles have been seen floating around many events including Green Man Festival, Watusi Festival, The Caerphilly Big Cheese & Cardiff councils Eco-school conference... so why not add a flurry to yours?!


Bicycle Busking

Add some music to your event with our pedal powered busking set up... an eye-catching and fun way to entertain the masses or encourage those musical geniuses in the making. We can power instruments and vocals, and even have the extra special addition of a pedal powered keyboard. We are able to hire out all the equipment you need, or take a more active role in helping you organise the entertainment you require... Just let us know!