Top 5: Ways to show your bicycle some love

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. If, like us, you’d rather spend your time rolling around town or taking off on an epic bike ride than going on a date, why not give your bicycle a little TLC this Valentine’s Day? We’re convinced (despite the seemingly endless weather warnings) that spring is most certainly on its way, so show your bicycle some love and give it the spruce up it deserves for those long-awaited springtime bike rides.


1. Test your tyres

If your bicycle has spent the majority of the winter months locked up outside, check your tyres before you ride. It doesn’t have to take all day - simply spend a few minutes on the following:

  • Removing any stones or glass from the tread to avoid punctures

  • Checking the wear of the tyres - if they’re excessively worn or bulging, it’s probably time for a new set

  • Pumping up the tyres before you ride - this may also help you locate any punctures

2. Give your brakes some TLC

Do we really need to say it? Yes! It’s vital to ensure that your brakes are in good working order, especially if you cycle on the road. When you pull on your brakes, do the blocks bite early enough for a swift stop? If not, they’ll need adjusting. If you’ve got five minutes to spare, we highly recommend this tutorial from the Guardian’s Bike Blog which runs through brake care in great detail.

3. Lube that chain

No, we’re not getting kinky here. After the amount of rainfall we’ve endured it’s likely that your bike chain will need to be re-lubed if it’s been sat outside. Give the chain a good clean beforehand, and turn the chain backward while applying the lube for an even distribution. Wipe off any excess with a rag, and you’re good to go!

4. Spruce up your spokes

Once your bike’s been given the all-clear and is back in good health, why not treat it to something fun this Valentine’s Day? If you’re a fan of spoke lights, we guarantee you’ll love kickstarter-funded venture, MonkeyLectric. Masters of cutting-edge spoke light displays, the MonkeyLectric Monkey Light is not only a work of art but will also keep you highly visible at night.

5. Accessorise!

Have your rubber handlebar grips seen better days? Is your saddle looking a little threadbare? Is your basket in desperate need of repair? If you answered yes to any of those questions, why not indulge in a bit of retail therapy on Etsy? From jazzy saddle rain covers to extremely groovy grips, you can accessorise your bicycle and be the envy of the town!

Do you have bicycle-related plans this Valentine’s Day? If so, let us know what you’re up to in the comments box below!


Blogged by Nia Campbell