Premiere of our new Pedal Powered Cinema!

The first weekend in September saw the premiere of our new Pedal Powered Cinema. It's been on our build list for a while so the opportunity to collaborate with Cynefin Cardiff and the YMCA on this event provided us with the perfect chance to make it happen! A number of local groups have been involved who are actively interested in engaging with the community and creating activities and events that will bring about positive connections and experiences to the local people.

This two day film festival held at Plasnewydd Community Centre in Roath saw film screenings of Slunce Seno a Pár Facek, The Lion King, and Cool Runnings, along with a bar, local Jamaican food from Jerk it and free face painting to really get the party started and create the perfect outdoor cinema vibe!

 All images by  Craig Kirkwell

All images by Craig Kirkwell

If you've seen us at events before then you'll be well aware of our usual pedal powered antics with everything from bicycle blenders and bubbles, to busking and bingo! The Cycle cinema is our latest addition which turns your pedal power in to a unique fun film experience, guaranteed to keep you both fit and entertained in equal measures! Our new power station harnesses the energy from four cyclists and turns it in to a pedal powered plug socket able to power the projector, blueray player and sound system.

The new pedal powered cinema experience is available for all year round hire for both indoor and outdoor events, so get in touch with us if you'd like to hold your own pedal powered picture event!

All images by Craig Kirkwood

Cardiff has a great sense of community and this event was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with some great local organisations and creative groups. Alongside the YMCA and Cynefin, we also had the pleasure of working with Tom from Darkened Rooms, Punk Bikes and their awesome leg power, Plasnewydd Community Gardens, and Green City events.

To keep up to date with all of our future Cycle Cinema plans come and find us on Facebook or drop us an email.