Make it Monday: Inner Tube Bracelets

As you may have guessed, we're big fans of up-cycling! Our fleet of bicycles have all been given a new lease of life after having either been donated to us or rescued from the skip as we really hate seeing things thrown away. Like most of you keen cyclists, we're often found holding a wheel, tyre levers in hand trying to fix a puncture or two, but sometimes its one repair too many and that inner tube has got to go! Here's our simple solution to recycle them in to something beautiful...

Step One

Using Scissors, cut your inner tube length ways in to a section that will fit around your wrist with a 2cm overlap. This is easier if using a flat tube as you can follow the seams when you are cutting. If the tube is rounder in shape then your band will come out slightly curved, don't worry, this will also work you just need to experiment to get the perfect fit around your wrist.

Step Two

Round the corners on one end of the band, and cut a slit in this end using a craft knife (see diagram below) Once this has been done cut the other end to look the same as in the template below. This should securely fit in to the slit when wrapped around your wrist and hold the bracelet in place.


Step Three

Get ready to go wild! This is the bit where you can get creative. Mark a design on to your bracelet using a pencil, and then carefully cut it out using either a craft knife or scissors. You can also customise them using hole punches and leather punches. Once finished wrap it around you wrist, fasten in place and admire your handiwork. Well done... it looks lovely!

Alternatively, you could enter our 'Behind Bars' Competition and be in with the chance of winning a set of three bracelets... Check our Competition Blog for all the details!